You teach your children some fashion sense
And they fashion some of their own
- Gordon Downie

Sunday, January 13, 2013

ETMOOC - Am I Crazy?

Part of me is wondering why on earth I would commit to this. I am about to enter an incredibly busy two months and I have signed up to participate in this online learning experience. At the same time, I am entering the provincial and playoff run for both of my kids' hockey teams (I am the head coach of one team and help coach the other team). I am also coaching basketball and cross country skiing at our school. I have also agreed to organize and host the first ever edcamp in my home town of Red Deer -  #Redcamp This event will take place on May 11 and I am incredibly excited about it.To add some extra fun to the mix, I agreed to help organize this year's Central Alberta Teachers' Convention

However, I see the benefits to this far outweighing the drawbacks. My primary concern is time, and I know that time is resource that can be managed to ensure I give this process an honest effort. My primary professional growth goal for this year is to ensure that I help the teachers in my school use technology to make their job easier and keep their students engaged in learning.

This is my twentieth year of teaching. The first eight years were spent as a classroom teacher, team leader and department head at Eastview Middle School in Red Deer, AB. I was the VP at Eastview for three years, then spent two years as a VP at Glendale Middle School before I came to my current position as a VP at Grandview Elementary School. I live in a great community, have an amazing family, and I sincerely love what I do.

I am looking forward to learning with this amazing, diverse community of learners!

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  1. Good luck in the next two months. You'll need some luck.
    I did not know that you were VP at Eastview?